All are welcome here!


 Welcome back Oakie Story Squad! We are  so excited to see you in the library!               

Oakridge Library is the beating heart of our school where students learn the skills to evaluate information for accuracy, validity, social and cultural context, and appropriateness.  In the library, students contribute to discussions in which multiple viewpoints are expressed. Patience, tolerance, and empathy are practiced through specially selected read alouds and lessons. Their curiosity flourishes by reading widely and deeply, and they develop the intrinsic motivation that can lead to a lifelong love of reading. We encourage students to submit book suggestions and reviews throughout the year. Mrs. Scott and I are passionate about making our library a safe space for all of our students to pursue their interests and grow. We are looking forward to another wonderful year!

 Contact Information:

Tel: 703 228 8820

Hours: Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Oakridge Book Madness

Oakridge March Book Madness

Track student's favorite SEL read alouds throughout the month of March. Which book would students choose to read again first?