Summer Reading

Summer is the perfect time to explore interests through reading and listening to books.

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1. Summer Reading, Oceans of Possibilities at Arlington Public Library. Take the reading challenge, read for a cause (help the oceans), and win a book.

2. Listen to an audiobook in MackinVia or at Arlington Public Library . Find thousands of ebooks and audiobooks. You’ll need a library card to access, borrow and request digital titles.  Here’s how to sign up online for a free library card.

3. How to find the books you really want to read.  In this video Ms. Bentall explains how to get the books many of you have asked for in MackinVia.

4. What Shall I Read Next?   Looking for series or a read-alike?

5. KidsPost Book Club: Speak the Truth.  Sign-up and join the conversation every Wednesday this summer.

6. Family and friends book clubs.  Read, listen and talk about a book together. Meet virtually or in real life if you can.

7. Read the book. Watch the movie.  Did you know that most movies start as books? Coming soon: a list of books that have inspired movies.