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Second Grade Web links for kids

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Other Great Links
Reading is Fun! This is a website for kids to express themselves, play games, do an activity lab and a BOOK ZONE.
Log in here to write your own story, read stories by other kids, add a paragraph to a Never Ending story and more!
Meet “Topper” the car that will show you some fun! Learn through puzzles, games, stories, songs, rhymes, and more.
Find great online stories, cool information, sites to publish your writing, games and more.  Need homework help? Click into Kidbibs.
An amusement park of math and more… especially designed for fun, fun, fun.
Hundreds of basic math skills, interactive practice, games, and randomly selected problems.
The Discovery Channel’s website for everyone. Choose from homework helpers to Brain Boosters.
A website developed to help students improve their math skills interactively. It also has a homework helper.
Get facts on hundreds of animals. Play some “wild games”, or look into the web of life.
A great site for reading the news and what is going on in the world. Kids even do the reporting.