Montessori Guides

Noemi Carmack


Kristina Stallings


The Montessori Guide serves as the link between the child and the materials. The Guide is responsible for preparing the environment to meet the developmental needs of each individual child.


We are continuing our exploration of parts of a plant focusing on parts of a leaf.  We will begin to use our leaf cabinet and then explore the changing leaves outside. In addition, we also are exploring vertebrates and invertebrates and comparing the two types of animals.



In the month of September, returning students are focusing on reviewing preliminary exercises which support functional classroom skills. These exercises include: Opening and closing a door, carrying a chair, carrying a pitcher, wiping a table, walking inside, and sweeping.  For students new to Montessori, we do collective (group) exercises and transitional activities. These activities serve as an extension of the child’s play experience in the home and are presented for the purpose of helping the child to know how to take and return materials from the shelf as well as allowing the child to perform purposeful activities. Some of these activities may include: Bead stringing, making patterns with parquetry blocks, peg boards, nuts and bolts, and gluing.