COVID-19 Counseling Resources

Greetings from home, Oakridge families. f you need to speak to one of us, we both check our emails regularly, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our contact information is as follows:

Ms. Terwilliger (Grades 4, 5):

Ms. Morse (Grades K, 1, 2, 3):

We will be updating this page regularly with new content.  Please continue to check for updates.

UPDATE: This is an excellent summary of the resources available to families in Arlington (it’s in English and Spanish).  Thank you, Arlington Career Center for pulling it together!

Articles on talking to your kids about the coronavirus:

For Tips and Sample Schedules for making home learning and working from home more doable, please click here.

A good resource for setting up your new “normal”: 

Counseling Lesson Home Links

The counselors visit each classroom every other week for a counseling lesson following the Second Step Program. The lessons cover a variety of topics including bullying prevention, emotion management, problem solving, empathy, etc. Some of these lessons have extension activities, called Home Links, for students and families to use at home.

This is not homework! We will be uploading Home Links (organized by grade) for you to use at home to help facilitate conversations about what your students are learning during counseling lessons.

Grade 1 Home Links

Grade 2 Home Links

Grade 3 Home Links

Grade 4 Home Links

Grade 5 Home Links