Oakridge Elementary School Counseling Program

Beliefs, Visions and Mission


The school counselors at Oakridge Elementary School believe that:

  • all students have the ability to succeed—race, ethnicity, gender, home or native language, disability, unique learning needs, socio-economic status, or other factors should not be a predictor of success
  • instruction should be delivered through a developmentally appropriate, data-driven, comprehensive school counseling program
  • counselors must advocate for each student and act as a leader in the building and school district
  • school and community stakeholders (including, but not limited to: students, school staff, parents, business leaders) should be involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the school counseling program
  • data should drive and inform all school counseling programs
  • the ASCA ethical standards and guidelines should guide the work that we do


The students at Oakridge Elementary are educated, self-confident, well-rounded and responsible citizens.  Oakridge students have college and career aspirations and are prepared to meet 21st Century standards.  The counseling team strives to maximize the strength and potential of each child; we believe all students have the ability to succeed.  We facilitate partnerships with all school professionals to ensure children understand themselves and respect and appreciate his/her own culture and the cultures of others.  The school counseling program is committed to academic excellence and integrity; a primary goal is to guarantee that all students realize his/her full academic potential and become high achieving, lifelong learners.  School data, the ASCA National Model and Ethical Standards, and District and State Standards guide the counseling team in providing a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate school counseling program at Oakridge Elementary School.


The mission of Oakridge Elementary School’s Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that is accessible to all students, faculty, and parents.  The school counseling program will educate the whole child to create global citizens; it will foster a positive school culture that encourages and enables all students to realize his/her fullest academic, career and personal/social potential within the context of his/her individual, family, and multicultural perspective.