School Counseling Program Overview

Welcome to Oakridge Elementary School’s Counseling website!  My name is Ms. Terwilliger (the kids usually call me Mrs. T) and I primarily serve Grades K, 1,4 and 5.  Ms. Morse is back part-time this year (she’s here Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays), primarily working with Grades 2 and 3. As school counselors, we work with students and parents through a number of different services. Each service is designed to support the academic program of our school.  Some of the services offered through the counseling program are:

  • Group Counseling (topics include: Separation/Divorce, Study Skills, Loss, Friendship, Self-Esteem, Social Skills, and more!)
  • Individual Counseling
  • Classroom Guidance Lesson (topics include: self esteem, feelings, goal setting, problem solving, career awareness, and more!)
    • All counselors in Arlington teach a common set of lessons from Second Step–a well know social-emotional learning program
    • Our lessons meet both the Arlington Public Schools’ Classroom Counseling Standards and Competencies (Academic, Personal/Social, Career) and the Virginia School Counseling Standards and Competencies
    • Ask your student about the classroom visits from the counselors!
  • Parent Workshops

If you have any questions or if I can be of assistance, please call me at 703-228-8158 or email me at

If you need to contact Ms. Morse, please email her at or call her at 703-228-8165.  For more information on Arlington Public Schools’ School Counseling Program, please visit:

Thank you for supporting the guidance and counseling program!