English Learners

English Learner Team

Samantha Doland Cathy Gaudian
Yanting He Beth Jones
Sean Jones Audrey Nolan
Danielle Rockleman Talita Stroh 
Amanda Martin  

Welcome! The English Learner team at Oakridge supports students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. We have students who are beginning to develop their English language proficiency, and we have students with intermediate and advanced English language proficiency.

The English Learner team provides English Learners (ELs) and their classroom teachers with instruction, support, and resources. During the language acquisition process, ELs are expected to meet and maintain the same high levels of academic achievement as their peers.

You can find out more information about the English Learner program by visiting the English Learner website at Arlington Public Schools.

WELCOME international students and families!!



All ELs in Virginia receive an English academic language proficiency assessment annually. The ACCESS for ELLs measures proficiency in four domains: speaking, listening, reading, writing. The assessment incorporates Social Language and Instructional Language (i.e., the language of language arts, math, science and social studies). ACCESS monitors students’ progress in acquiring academic English, and provides a current level of English language proficiency along the developmental continuum. For more information, contact your student’s grade level ESOL contact or visit WIDA.