Month: November 2017

Blog Post Week of 11/13-11/17

Driscoll- Humanities  This week has been very exciting! We switched classes and now Ms. Casalengo and Mr. Walker’s homerooms will be coming to me and Ms. Tem for the second quarter. We hit the ground running, taking a main idea pre-assessment, completing an opinion writing pre-assessment, learned the difference between fact and opinion, and starting […]

Blog Post Week of 11/6-11/10 (3 Day week)

This very short week was packed! Students shared their final projects with each other, their families, and other classes during our Presentation of Learning. Community members got to visit all the 5th grade classrooms in a museum-style open house, view projects, and ask questions about the finished products.   Thank you to everyone who came […]

MOSAIC program wins a Governor’s Award for Innovation In Education

Congratulations to Ms. Amin-Arsala and the entire Oakridge MOSAIC program. Picked from over 130 applicants the program unique to Oakridge was Awarded a Governor’s Award for Innovation In Education! To learn more about what makes the program so special, check out our MOSAIC page.

BoomWhackers in Music Class!

Boomwhackers are hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to different musical pitches by length. They are used as inexpensive musical instruments in the percussion family. To make sound with a boomwhacker, you tap it on the ground or a nearby surface. At Oakridge, we use them to practice rhythms, add accompaniments to songs and to play […]

Blog Post Week of 10/30-11/3

Upcoming event- PRESENTATION OF LEARNING: Families are invited to a presentation of learning, during which students will show off their amazing projects they’ve worked on throughout this quarter. Students will be available to show off the results of their incredible effort and to answer any questions visitors have regarding their project. Wednesday, November 8th 2:00-5:00pm (please […]