Month: December 2017

Blog Post 12/18/17-12/21/17

Driscoll-Humanities Students had a busy week before break- they learned about the roots jur/jus, what a counterclaim is in an opinion essay and why authors include one. They then worked with a partner and color-coded a student example essay to find all elements of an opinion essay. They also added a counterclaim to their own […]

Blog Post 12/11/17-12/15/17

Driscoll- Humanities This week students learned a new root: phon. They also learned about nonfiction text structure and we had an in-depth exploration of cause/effect texts, looking at multiple articles and finding causes/effects within them. Students also learned about transition words and phrases and how writers use them to connect ideas/paragraphs. Students began adding transitions […]

Blog Post 12/4/17-12/8/17

Driscoll- Humanities This week students learned a new root (bene) and played a review game with all the roots they’ve learned so far. Students also learned how to write a concluding paragraph for opinion writing and practiced identifying the parts of a good conclusion in an example essay. Students are working on writing their entire […]

Blog Post Week of 11/27/17-12/1/17

Driscoll- Humanities This week was jam-packed! Students learned about authors’ claim and reasons, and how to create their own. They learned about the structure of a 5-paragraph opinion essay, how to create an outline for their own essay about whether chocolate milk should be served in schools, how to write introductory and body paragraphs. Students […]