Blog Post 12/18/17-12/21/17


Students had a busy week before break- they learned about the roots jur/jus, what a counterclaim is in an opinion essay and why authors include one. They then worked with a partner and color-coded a student example essay to find all elements of an opinion essay. They also added a counterclaim to their own chocolate milk opinion essay. Students continued their center work and ended the week by reviewing all material learned so far with an interactive quiz using an app called Kahoot. Have a wonderful and restful winter break!



This week we finished discussing and examining quadrilaterals, angles, and triangles. This will take us into circle when we return from winter break. We also finished our unit on matter, and took our unit test. These tests will be graded when the students return! We will begin exploring light and sound when we return. Happy Holidays!!



During this last week of 2017 we continued with our literature groups. Some students are close to finishing their novels. We also took a Main Idea quiz. We reviewed how to make the plural form of nouns in writing, which can often be confusing as there are so many different ways. We finally finished up our unit on Ancient Civilizations. Ask your child how they did on their unit quiz! Enjoy the winter break together. I look forward to seeing the students in the New Year!




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Students wrapped up this week by completing their decimal choice boards. They applied their knowledge of decimals to complete real world scenarios or create teaching tools to help others learn more about place value, adding, subtracting or multiplying decimals. In science, we finished up discussing how living things interact with one another and students focused their research around the effects humans have on the ecosystem and their living things. The highlight of the week, however, was starting to create our rainforest! We have mango, eucalyptus, cocoa, ipe and mutumba trees going up and the kids are super excited! Wishing you and your families a fabulous winter break!!! See you in 2018!

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