Blog Post 12/4/17-12/8/17

Driscoll- Humanities

This week students learned a new root (bene) and played a review game with all the roots they’ve learned so far. Students also learned how to write a concluding paragraph for opinion writing and practiced identifying the parts of a good conclusion in an example essay. Students are working on writing their entire 5-paragraph essay about whether chocolate milk should be served in schools or not. We also had some of our first literature circle discussion- students were assigned a specific role for the first fourth of their novels and then met with their groups to share their findings. Centers were in full swing as students worked on finding the main idea of various nonfiction articles and summarizing the supporting details, as well as working on their social studies interactive notebooks. Students also completed a reading benchmark assessment to determine instructional needs.  Enjoy the snow!



Casalengo- Humanities

This week in Mrs. Casalengo’s class we took an assessment that will allow us to direct our instruction better. The assessment was similar to the SOL format. We continued with our literature groups and also shared some of the essays we wrote at the beginning of the quarter. The Social Studies study guide did not come home as planned but will early next week. Have a fabulous weekend!

Walker- STEM

Happy Friday Everyone!I am the 2nd quarter Science and Math teacher for Mrs. Gallion and Mrs. Sanguino. My units of study are Everything Fractions and Earth Science (The crust and below). In Science, students have been engaged in activities relates to the layers of the Earth. We are finishing up our video segment explaining the layers of the Earth and their attributes for our final video presentation. Next, we will delve more into learning about Plate Tectonics. Students will conduct an experiment or create a movie trailer to explain their understanding. These videos will be included in our final project which is due January 26, 2018. Students will be creating a fun and engaging science video (like Bill Nye the Science Guy) as their final project. The projects will be available for parents see at the end of the quarter. Look out for an invitation to our Presentation of Learning Exhibit. In Math, students have begun to compare and order fractions. Soon we will include decimals and mixed numbers. Students will also start a new Menu (3) of activities to complete in class. Student assignments grades are listed under google classroom. Please email me at if you would like to set up a meeting or have a question. I look forward to hearing from you.  


Sanguino- Humanities


Gallion- STEM