Blog Post Week of 10/16/17-10/20/17

Driscoll- Humanities

This week students took a pre-assessment about making inferences and drawing conclusions. They then learned what an inference is (text evidence + background knowledge = inference), how readers infer, the difference between an inference and a prediction, and practiced inferring using commercials, our read aloud novel, and short passages. Students continued to work on centers and their 5 paragraph opinion essays. Students learned about the differences between revising and editing writing, then received their writing partner assignments and got to work revising and editing each other’s writing. We’re looking forward to sharing our finished opinion essays on Wednesday with an in-class publishing party!

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This week we continued to explore sound, focusing on frequency and amplitude. We finished our matter unit with an assessment on the standards. In math we wrapped up our study of geometry, finishing with transformations of polygons. We will move on to measurement, while reviewing geometry. We will specifically review angels, triangles, and quadrilaterals and all the attributes that go along with these shapes.


Casalengo- Humanities

This week in Humanities we added strong emotion words to our Small Memorable Moment planning sheets and crafted the lead to our stories. We began Literature Circle book groups which included responding in our reading notebooks. Ask your child to tell you about what they are reading. We used our iPads to learn more about Ancient Civilizations. The students listened to the text and completed some activities digitally. Have a fabulous weekend!


Walker- STEM

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Science: Students have been engaged in research about the earth’s layers and the rock cycle for their quarter 1 projects. Students will create a video presentation from the research. We continued to focused on the layers of the Earth and the changing of the Earth’s surface (weathering, erosion, and deposition) and added the Rock Cycle (Sedimentary, Metamorphic, and Igneous).

In Math, students continued to practice previous skills: Order of Operations (G.E.M.D.A.S.), and finding equivalent fractions and decimals with and without models. We are now working toward mastery on comparing and ordering decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers. Next, we will begin adding and subtracting fraction with unlike denominator.


Gallion- STEM

We had such a fun week! Students have completed the base of the rainforest. they have been installing the backdrop, large trees, vines and leaves. Next week their create focus will shift towards their specific living thing. Students will use materials to make a realistic replica of their plant or animal. They have completed their research and will be writing a report to go along with their replica. In math students have worked to multiply decimals and use estimation to check their answers. Next week we will wrap up our decimal unit with dividing decimals. In Science we will take a look at the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells.


Sanguino- Humanities

The students are on a roll and have nearly finished the backdrop of the rainforest! Next week, they will begin to create their 3D models of their organisms. This week in reading, students learned what the words “infer” and “imply” mean, and then how readers use background knowledge and evidence in the text to make inferences/draw conclusions. They began by applying those skills to fictional passages and at the end of the week read a nonfiction article about the Amazon Rainforest to connect the new skill of making inferences/drawing conclusions to their project. In writing, students continued to draft their research reports, while referring to mentor text examples. Next week they will do some peer reviews using the writing rubric.