Blog Post Week of 10/2/17-10/6/17

Driscoll- Humanities

This week students started working on centers, rotating through different centers (social studies, independent work, work on writing, small group, and read to self). Students received their literature circle novel and first job assignment. Students learned about text structure, and more specifically, compare/contrast. They began working on their matter project, researching to decide which element is the most valuable, and learning more about it. Students learned how to write introductory and body paragraphs for opinion essays, and finalized their opinion essay outline. Students continued to research for their opinion essays and distinguish between fact and opinion.


This week we worked finding central tendencies of data. These include finding the mean, median mode and range. We also begin classifying and measuring angles using a protractor. We started researching our element for our quarter project, ask your student what element they have chosen! We also continued to define what makes an element, molecule, and compound.

Walker- STEM

Students have been engaged in research on the impact of earth by the rock cycle for their quarter 1 projects. We have focused on the layers of the Earth and the changing of the Earth’s surface (weathering, erosion, and deposition). In Math, students continued to work on Order of Operations (G.E.M.D.A.S.), and finding equivalent fractions and decimals with and without models.  Please sign up for a fall parent/teacher conference at

Gallion- STEM & Sanguino- Humanities

The votes are in and students have chosen to study and transform our rooms into a Rainforest!  Students have all researched plants and animals found in the rainforest and have been assigned one living thing to become experts on this quarter.  This week their research led them through discovering behavioral and physical adaptations of their living thing.  Students will start to create 3-D models of their living things next week while they continue to research their living thing’s habitat and begin to learn about classification of living things.In math, students have continued deepening their understanding of decimals.  They have been working hard to understand how place value works and how it can help them with their computations.  The 5th graders have also been working on ratios and identifying equivalent decimals, fractions and percents. In language arts, students read various articles and showcased their understanding of main idea and supporting details in their final post assessment. Additionally, they began to study text structure and how identifying it can aid in their comprehension. Students also completed an “on demand” 45 minute informational writing assignment and then assessed one another by pairing up, using a rubric, and providing detailed feedback to each other. It proved to be a valuable lesson to prepare them for the initial stage of composing their research reports!