Blog Post Week of 10/23/17-10/25/17 (Parent Teacher Conferences)

Driscoll- Humanities 

Although this week was very short, students got a lot done and worked very hard! Students completed their 5-paragraph opinion essays after revising and editing with their writing partner and Ms. Driscoll. They also continued to work on their Social Studies interactive notebook (Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome), independent work on google classroom, their literature circles novel/role, and their element project. Wednesday was Ms. Tem’s homeroom’s publishing party. Students got the chance to share their finished essays with the class and answer questions about it. Next week Ms. Driscoll’s homeroom will have their publishing party and additional time to revise after reflecting on questions/feedback from their peers. Final versions will make their way home towards the end of the week!



During this short week, we have continued exploring sound looking specifically at sound waves. This focused on looking at frequency, pitch, and volume. We also explored the different parts of a wave, focusing on compression and rarefaction. In math we finished geometry, ending with transformations of shapes and reviewing. We moved into measurement, beginning with area, perimeter, and volume.


Casalengo- Humanities

Even though it was a short week we accomplished a lot! The students wrote their personal narrative rough drafts and used a revising and editing check list to make changes. Each reading group read another chapter and responded in their reading notebooks. We also continued to learn more about the early settlements of Egypt and Kush.


Walker- STEM

***Parent/Teacher Conferences****If you were not able to schedule a conference from my home room or Ms. Casalengo’s home room please email me at to discuss math and science progress. Because of the short school week, we will continue to engaged in Science research projects about the earth’s layers and the rock cycle for their quarter 1 end of unit assessments. Students will create a video presentation from the research they discovered. We continued to focused on the layers of the Earth and the changing of the Earth’s surface (weathering, erosion, and deposition) and added the Rock Cycle (Sedimentary, Metamorphic, and Igneous). In Math, students continued to practice previous skills: Order of Operations (G.E.M.D.A.S.), and finding equivalent fractions and decimals with and without models. We are now working toward mastery on comparing and ordering decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers and we adding and subtracting fraction with unlike denominator.

Sanguino- Humanities

This week in humanities, students continued to read and discuss articles, and respond to questions that asked them to draw conclusions from the content. Additionally, they continued their study of ancient history, reading about the different hominids and their abilities. The primary focus during humanities was writing. Students invested a lot of time on their research reports. I conferred with each student to provide feedback to them them during this process and answered any questions they may have had.We ended this short week with a considerable amount of our morning dedicated to the CREATION of the Rainforest as well as each student’s living organism!



We have packed a lot of learning and creating into our short week! Students have been problem solving and figuring out how to create their living thing. Some have used paper mache, some clay, lots have used paint and others are putting together various objects to make their realistic replica. The teamwork has been outstanding and the rainforest continues to come together.Students took a quiz on multiplying decimals earlier this week and we moved on to dividing whole numbers but getting a decimal for the quotient (no more remainders :)). Students have also continued their algebraic thinking through hands on equations and today we had a fun math dice tournament. In science, students started studying cells. They have been learning about organelles that make up plant and animal cells and the jobs the organelles have. We have looked at some under the microscope and will continue to learn more about the building blocks of all living things! I hope everybody enjoys their long weekend and I look forward to seeing many parents over the next couple of days 🙂

Rainforest 4Rainforest 1Rainforest 2

Rainforest 3Rainforest 5