MOSAIC program wins a Governor’s Award for Innovation In Education

Congratulations to Ms. Amin-Arsala and the entire Oakridge MOSAIC program. Picked from over 130 applicants the program unique to Oakridge was Awarded a Governor’s Award for Innovation In Education! To learn more about what makes the program so special, check out our MOSAIC page.

BoomWhackers in Music Class!

Boomwhackers are hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to different musical pitches by length. They are used as inexpensive musical instruments in the percussion family. To make sound with a boomwhacker, you tap it on the ground or a nearby surface. At Oakridge, we use them to practice rhythms, add accompaniments to songs and to play […]

New Stained Glass project installed in the Oakridge Library!

Stop by the Oakridge Library and check out our new stained glass projects. They looking amazing when the sun comes out! Big thanks to last years students for helping us follow one of our three T’s –  “We Take care of this place”!

Music @ Oakridge

Oakridge welcomes our new band & orchestra teacher Mr. Pratte! 4th & 5th grades loved exploring the instruments and can’t wait for the opportunity to learn more, all those years of watching the older kids perform has rubbed off!

Arts @ Oakridge

The elements & principles that guide elementary art instruction…helping our artists be amazing! Thanks to Ms. Platz for helping us make deeper connections about the principals of design with the elements of art!

First day at Oakridge!

During our first day at Oakridge we welcome students from around the world. Oakridge students and staff provide a global focus on learning. Thanks to Ms. Chang’s class for the picture!

New “Little Library” open for business!

Oakridge’s new Little Library has been painted by parent volunteers and mounted in the front of the school. Please take a book or leave a book for others! Have a great summer of reading!