Mask Update

Oakridge Families,

Here’s another update, as our situation specific to COVID is ever evolving.  Again, we are framing all APS district and school decisions based on our students’ and community’s safety.

Happy Mask Day!  We are so amazingly fortunate that APS sent Arlington students and staff each a KN95 mask.  Kudos to the Superintendent’s Office and the Office of Safety, Security, Risk and Emergency Management for pulling together tens of thousands of medical grade masks for distribution!

Oakridge’s masks were delivered yesterday and today and were distributed to our staff yesterday and students today.  I want to be clear, while medical grade masks are suggested, they are not required for school.  Masks continue to be required – a well-filling mask being the guidance as noted.  Please make sure that your child arrives to school wearing a mask tomorrow.

Your students should come home today with their KN95 mask.  Here are some helpful guidelines from the manufactures regarding these masks:

  1. The use time of the mask is different for each situation, but each mask should only be used if it is not contaminated, soiled, or damaged and the user is able to breath without difficulty.
  2. Masks should be stored when not in use in a paper bag to preserve its useful life.
  3. Masks should be stored indoors and avoid using them during situations where humidity is above 50%.

Take care,

Lynne Wright