Oakridge Connect 10/13/17




Please review your APS Safety & Emergency Quick Guide: located on the red/ green clipboards in your class rooms.Drop, cover, and hold on After the shaking stops

  • If room seems safe, remain covered, and await instructions
  • if room seems unsafe, evacuate as is indicated by fire plan.


Messages from Dr. Wright:

Please join Pat Murphy for the first Supt’s Seminar of the school year with Dr. Joshua Starr who will share a briefing on the recently released PDK Poll Findings (see the attached summary).

  •       Joshua Starr became CEO for PDK International in 2015.
  •       Dr. Starr was previously superintendent of schools in Montgomery County, MD and Stamford, CT.

Academic achievement isn’t the only mission – PDK Poll 2017


Please read this article from Pat Murphy about Emotional Intelligence:  https://www.kornferry.com/institute/emotional-intelligence-positive-outlook



Link to Investigations on Blackboard:

Here are the directions for accessing the investigations materials on blackboard.

  1. Go into blackboard www.apsva.us/blackboard
  2. Click on “For Staff” at the top toolbar
  3. Then click on “content” on the toolbar (it’s the second from the left)
  4. Select the Department of Instruction Folder
  5. Then select the Math folder
  6. Select Grade 2
  7. Select Investigations Resource masters
  8. Then select “content”

They are then listed as “u1, u2, etc.” masters.  When you click on a unit ex: u1 masters it will take you to a page where all the lessons and games from that unit.



Please note:  Nothing should be on top of or in front of the HVAC units. It keeps them from working well. Thank you for your cooperation!


APS Open enrollment for medical, dental, etc. is Oct 1 – Oct 31st. See poster in workroom for open enrollment meeting dates and times at locations throughout the county.


School Store — Now on Fridays! The CUBE team is running a school store to give kids more practice in counting money and calculating change. It is open from 8:40-8:50 on Friday mornings, in the hall outside the gym for designated grade levels.  Flyers are in Peach Jar (in multiple languages) to inform families of the schedule. Kids will learn about the store and practice “buying” the merchandise during CUBE class. Items for sale are erasers, bookmarks, pencil sharpeners and pencils. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback about the school store.

School Store Shopping Schedule

Friday, October 6 5th graders are invited to shop
Friday, October 13 3rd and 4th graders are invited to shop
Friday, November 3 2nd graders are invited to shop
Friday, November 17 1st graders are invited to shop

*Kindergarten students will shop later in the year.


 K-12 Professional Development Opportunity: Teaching with Music-Related Primary Sources :On Saturday, November 4, 2017, the Library of Congress will host a free, one-day workshop for K-12 educators interested in incorporating music-related primary sources into their classroom instruction.  In this hands-on, collaborative session, education specialists from the Library of Congress will model a variety of strategies for using music-related primary sources to engage students, build critical thinking skills, and construct knowledge. Through a series of inquiry-based classroom activities, educators will experience historic audio files, sheet music, song sheets, prints and photographs, and other resources from the Library’s collections. Most of these items are digitized and will be freely available online for teachers to use with their students. Certificates are available for teachers completing the workshop. Additional Information: Audience: K-12 music educators and teachers of other disciplines interested in incorporating music-related primary sources into their classroom instruction. When: Saturday, November 4, 2017, from 9 am – 4:00 pm. Where: Whittall Pavilion, Ground Floor, Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress, 10 First St. SE, Washington, DC 20540 Directions here. The room will be open at 8:30 am. Attendees are encouraged to leave plenty of time for travel and to arrive early. How to register: Register online here! Apply now, as space is limited. Questions?  Please contact: teachinglcsummer@loc.gov


YES Club Referrals for 4th and 5th graders due NOW! Please give to Sean, Dawn or Mary Ann.


Team Kids is Coming to Oakridge!: Click here for the staff letter Team Kids staff flyer 2017


The Oakridge Printers are named/ located below 

Name of Printer

Location of Printer

ITC Printer Outside Kyle’s office (Room 279)
Trailer Printer Inside the trailer closet
Kindergarten Hall In Ms. Stallings Class (Room 250)
Teacher Workroom Copier In the Teacher workroom
Main Office Copier In the Conference room
Commons Area Printer Downstairs in 2nd grade commons area


“O” Wow!

If anyone would like one of this year’s chorus t-shirts, please let Amanda Thiel know your size by Wednesday, October 18th. The cost is $10 and the shirts are pictured below!




Walker, Adrion     10/19

Welch, James      10/20

Dates: October 2017 Activities Calendar

  • Friday,
  • Monday,
  • Tuesday,
  • Wednesday,

12:05 PM- 12:55 PM- Relocatable 5th grade Student Leadership Mtg

US Marine String Assembly- Gym 1:00 PM –Gr. 5

  • Thursday,

Secretary of Education Dietra Trent and Superintendent Pat Murphy visit Oakridge!


  • Friday,

Information Items:

Reading (Katie Donnelly)
Books & Bytes (Karen Bentall)
ESOL/HILT (Cathy Gaudian/Samantha Doland)

 Fall Conference Interpreter Sign Up: Hi all, as most of you know, we use Sign Up Genius, an online sign up organizer, to schedule interpreters for conferences.  Click on the link below and follow the directions to sign up for slots. Arabic and Spanish interpreters are available. Details if another language is needed is on the sign up.    Click HERE to sign up. Sign up ASAP to make sure you get the times you need. Contact Cathy Gaudian if you have questions about how to use the website.  Contact Hanim Magzoub if you have questions about interpreters.

TCRWP Supports for English Language Learners in both the Reading and Writing Units of Study have been added to the Oakridge 2017-2018 google drive. Go to your grade level’s folder, then click HUMANITIES folder, then click TCRWP for ELs for. Your grade level ESOL teacher is available for questions/discussion.

Please put your questions/suggestions and/or wonderings on the PADLET!!!! We want to hear from you!!ESOL/HILT question/suggestion padlet https://tinyurl.com/y9z3p33z

Gifted Services (Greg Chapuis)
ILT (Annie Young)

 SMART goals: SMART goals are due to your administrator by November 1.  The forms you need for your SMART goal can be found on this website:  https://www.apsva.us/professional-development/aps-teacher-evaluation/

Here is a Google Doc version of the SMARTgoal template to submit to your administrator!

100% of the students will get 100% of the power standards.  (You can choose a specific power standard.)

Math (Corrine Magee)

MOSAIC (Dawn Amin-Arsala)


Parent Teacher Organization (Tom Patchen)

WOAK News is now under the Mosaic umbrella. Please remember to share it with your students through Google Classroom code 27ioxd4. Please DO submit photos, interviews, class projects to WOAK News.



Family Fitness Night, Wednesday 10/18 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the gym. Everyone welcome.

Reflections entries due November 1.

Professional Development (CLASS)
School Wide Expectations (Enis Al-Majeed)

 Staff members who have bus duty please direct students to go to the gym if they arrive before 8:50. If a student is a bus rider in the afternoon, they should not be playing on the playground, they should be getting on the bus when they are dismissed from their classroom. Students have been lingering outside and playing on the playground instead of going to the gym in the morning or getting on the bus in the afternoon.

Staff members who have arrival duty in the gym, please make sure you spread yourselves out to better supervise our students. Thank you everyone for all of your hard work.

Science (Sean Jones)
Social Studies (Kristen Wolla)

 Hello Social Studies teachers,

Please check out the most recent issue of Social Studies Snapshots (SSS), a bi-weekly e-publication intended for elementary and secondary Social Studies Staff to communicate items of importance and interest in a timely matter.    Highlights from this issue include:

  • Free lesson plans by The Choices Program on Charlottesville and Confederate Monuments
  • Free viewing of a newly released documentary film about the creation of the state of Israel
  • Free teacher workshop on global themes in teaching African, Latin American, Asian and Middle Eastern Perspectives
  • Program for the upcoming VCSS Conference in Richmond is available
  • Kid’s Euro Festival in Washington, DC

If you have an item you would like to include in Social Studies Snapshots, please forward it to me.  Past issues of Social Studies Snapshots can be found on the APS website.

Specialists  (Sean Jones)
SPED (Colleen Shelton)
Tech (Kyle Taylor)
Testing (Mignote Yirdaw)  I have shared on Google Doc information about testing windows for this school year.  It also has information about dates to keep in mind (early release, holidays etc.) as we consider testing dates.  You all have access to edit the file but please let me know when you do so I can keep track of it all. Here’s the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ryljvu6PuuV9KCVg0peMP6DoRpmvqQplpduOt6vTu4E/edit