Oakridge Connect 06/14/2021

Oakridge Connect 06/14/2021

Oakridge Connect




  • Please take a moment to look over this document about closing out teams and canvas.  It is really useful if you want to save any content from your canvas courses this year and it will help ensure you don’t have issues over the summer with students accessing your teams.





Compliment Corner & “O” Wow!


June Birthdays!!!!

Proctor, James 6/5

Minor, Sarah 6/15

Mosqueda, Gerardo 6/17

Young, Annie 6/19

Chapuis, Greg 6/25




Strobach, Virginia 7/8

Jones, Sean 7/30


Bryant, Kelly 8/3

Murphy, Laura 8/11

Wolla, Kristen 8/16

Wright, Lynne 8/30


*Please email  L. Tapia  to be added to the Birthday list 🙂 *


  • Monday, 06/14
  • Tuesday, 06/15
  • Wednesday, 06/16
  • Thursday, 06/17
  • Friday, 06/18 Last day of School / Early Release
  • Monday, 06/21

Information Items:


(Ms. Cruz)

ELA Curriculum Updates for 21-22 School Year

Helpful Documents for ELA:

Aps guide to Structured Literacy Strategies

Reading Level Guidance

Science of Reading FAQ

ELA Benchmarks

Moving out of Decodables

cruz Wondering how to SAVE all the items in your Canvas Course?


Maybe you want to work on things over the summer or use certain things next year-à copy your course to your Sandbox. Watch the video to see how! Canvas (min.1:00-3:58)


(Karen Bentall)


  • Summer Reading.  Ms. Scott and I are preparing personalized book bundles during the last two weeks of school.  Our goal is to ensure that no child is left without great books and magazines to read this summer.  What are your summer reading plans?  Share them on Flipgrid! Use code: 41b84095
  • No Place for Hate books and readers’ theater scripts are on the Library Canvas page.
  • Self-published books. Be cautious about accepting offers from authors to visit your class to read their book. Self-published books have not gone through a rigorous editorial review and are often of poor quality. Some contain questionable stereotyping. Always review the book before accepting offers.  If in doubt, contact Karen.
  • Missing materials.  Please keep your eyes peeled for library books that might have been left in the classrooms.  Return to the black bins.
  • Last Book at Bedtime this Thursday 6/17 at 7:00 PM.  All are welcome.
  • Updates from CPS –> Online Reporting Option!We are pleased to announce the release of a new option for reporting suspected child abuse and neglect offered in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Social Services’ (VDSS) Division of Family Services (DFS).  Reports of suspected abuse and neglect can now be made online at Virginia’s Mandated Reporting Portal.  This new reporting option provides a streamlined and easily accessible way to submit reports of suspected child abuse and neglect in Virginia. The Portal can be accessed at https://vacps.dss.virginia.gov/.  All reports regarding children in Arlington will be directed to the Arlington CPS Hotline. PLEASE NOTE: This is an additional tool that does not replace existing tools. You can still call us locally at (703) 228-1500 during regular business hours and we strongly encourage you to do so as this is still the quickest and most direct route to reaching us.  In addition, reports can still be made 24 hours a day by calling the state hotline at (888) 832-3858.   More detailed information: The Virginia Department of Social Services’ (VDSS) Division of Family Services (DFS) is pleased to announce the release of a new Mandated Reporter Portal, which provides a streamlined and easily accessible way for Mandated Reporters in Virginia to submit reports of suspected abuse and neglect. The Portal can be accessed at https://vacps.dss.virginia.gov/. Please also visit https://youtu.be/hkbSl4XKVrE for a brief YouTube video overview of the new portal. Local departments of social services (LDSS) are responsible for receiving reports of abuse and neglect, determining the validity of CPS reports, conducting investigations, and providing services that enhance child safety and prevent further abuse and neglect. VDSS operates a 24/7 CPS Hotline that performs the intake function for LDSS on a full-time basis for some agencies and after business hours and on holidays for others. Now, VDSS is offering this streamlined, user friendly portal as an additional option, to ensure timely receipt and follow up for reports of suspected abuse and neglect. Benefits of using the Mandated Reporter Portal include:
    • Reduced wait time for Mandated Reporters making a report; online offers a quicker option to file a report.
    • Mandated Reporters create a secure account, which will minimize the amount of time needed in making subsequent reports.
    • Information will be more accurate, entered directly by the Mandated Reporter.

    Information about the Portal:

    • Data from the mandated reporter portal “transmits” the information to VDSS Hotline staff.
    • Stakeholders’ input was utilized in the development and design of the portal.
    • The portal is intuitive and user friendly.
    • The portal contains helpful resources. VDSS is pleased to make this tool available to all Mandated Reporters across the Commonwealth.

    We thank you for your partnership in communicating the availability of this tool to support the safety and well-being of Virginia’s children, youth, families and adults. Please note that if unable to access the website due to security firewalls, access can typically be requested through agency/organization IT departments to whitelist the Portal website (grant access). Over the month of November, VDSS will be continuing to receive feedback and make improvements to the Portal. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback via virginiaonlinereporting@dss.virginia.gov.

  • Please reach out to Anne, Alexa, Catherine, or Danielle if you have any questions or concerns regarding CPS reporting procedures.
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA).


(Holly & Elvia)

COUNSELING (Ms Morse & Ms Terwilliger
  • Language Line can now be integrated with Teams calls. Click here for more information.
Gifted Services (Greg Chapuis)

All Teachers

If you are interested in a pursuing a leadership role in our school and/or content area next school year, please consider applying to serve as a content lead teacher, instructional lead teacher, or school-based teacher mentor. Applications should be submitted by June 1, 2021.  Principals or the relevant content supervisor will make final selections by June 9, 2021.

  • End of Year Canvas and teams directions
  • This video does a nice job summarizing the above document.
  • If you want to learn to use Flipgrid, here are some resources to get you started.
  • If your students are having any issues with their apps or hardware, please contact Sean Jones. New work number: 571 419 2813
  • Please let me know if you have any tech requests for this year or next year.  Let me know the technology that would be most useful to you.
Math(Corinne Magee)
  • Read Alouds This file contains all the read-alouds I recorded this year.  You might want to revisit some of the books as we draw closer to the end of the year.


MOSAIC (Sean Jones) Teachers will replace the Monday work button on their homepage and it would automatically redirect students to our Mosaic/STEM page. The button would be replaced by the enroll code for the first week, then it can be changed to the course url.

It will be best if teachers introduce the task in their closing meetings on Friday. Each assignment will be posted on Fridays so that kids can look at it if they want. Going forward, teachers can remind students the newest one is posted during their closing time on Fridays.  Some students may want to have an idea of it in case something hits them during the weekend and they want to collect items.

Follow up– on Tuesday and Wednesday, teachers will take a few minutes in the morning meeting in order to have students share their work.  The students may also be filming their project as well and it might be fun to show one of the videos.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTA)
Professional Learning Opportunities/ Special Events
Science (Sean Jones)

APS now has a K-8 subscription to Generation Genius!!

This is a fabulous resource that has wonderful videos with 5E lesson plans, discussion questions, targeted vocab, reading material, AND assessments.

All searchable by SOL and you generate a direct link for students to the item you want them to see. (no login for students!!).

Login to MyAccess, choose Clevr, then look for the Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 1.30.07 PM icon.

Teachers, if you are interested in participating in the scientist in the classroom program, please email me.

There are new science standards that have been implemented for K-4, please take a moment to check them out if you teach science. They can be found here. Grades 5 will continue to teach to 2010 science standards for now.

The plan to phase out old standards is here.

If you are having online textbook access issues, please consult this google doc to try to fix it.

There is a form within that can be filled out that goes to central office.

Feel free to join the science office’s canvas course to access resources for your science classroom.

Social Studies (Kristen Wolla)

Click here to see the most recent Social Studies Snapshot! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TxMM6xK5jp0dTPPzVDAtsZgEZf1cyQAMYj0pQKKpo2g/edit

Click here to see a copy of the final lead teacher meeting: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1l-xjj2Ys7wtB-XFGucH7Cc5F2E0gbN1Npsfubg4D6hc/edit#slide=id.gdbae5484a2_0_259

Please reach out with any Social Studies questions or needs! Kristen.Wolla@apsva.us

Specialists  (Sean Jones)
Testing (Cathy Gaudian)
Wellness and Health (Sean Jones) Written above as well.  Any Oakridge staff interested in taking over a garden bed at Oakridge, please email me or let me know. Thanks to an amazing parent, Roxana Soltero, we have been able to team up with master gardeners as well as Friends of Urban Agriculture. You can grow food with students, or do something different, and you will have the advantage of having an expert help plan and execute it.