Oakridge Connect 09/06/2021

Oakridge Connect 09/06/2021

Oakridge Connect






  • Teachers, Please submit you seating chart to Erika.  This is required to ensure the health and safety of students in case of a positive testing and the need to identify close contact students.   Your seating chart should be sent to Erika every time you update or modify your chart.   Let Erika know if you have any questions about this.
  • T & P scale
    • Dear APS Leaders, APS educators will use the current APS evaluation practices for the 2021-2022 school year, with no changes in standards or processes. In the Spring of 2021, the VA General Assembly approved legislation that will require that educators document their ability to demonstrate culturally responsive and equitable practices as a part of the evaluation process. VDOE is currently working to develop new training that will be available in 2022.
      • T-Scale evaluation questions – please contact Nancy Routson in the Professional Learning Office, x2112.
      • P-Scale evaluation questions  – please contact Sue Sarber in the Professional Learning Office, x2111.

      Also, a quick reminder of the Evaluation Resources for Administrators in canvas- self-enroll code: https://apsva.instructure.com/enroll/8B4MRH 

  • Here is the link for Canvas course with The First 20 Days of SEL activities for morning meetings. https://apsva.instructure.com/enroll/WRWHEWThis resource is a calendar of daily morning meeting SEL activities for the month of September for teachers to use with students as needed.




Compliment Corner & “O” Wow!

  • Thank you Ms. D. Munoz for assisting her team with Digital Learning Resources




Kerstetter, Jordan 9/01

Lansman, Elizabeth 9/7

Munoz, D. Veronica 9/8

Nelson, Bruce 9/8

Olson, Emmilu 9/11

Serrano, Edith 9/21



*Please email  L. Tapia  to be added to the Birthday list 🙂 *


  • Monday, 09/06 No School!
  • Tuesday, 09/07 No School !
  • Wednesday, 09/08
  • Thursday, 09/09 OPEN HOUSE
  • Friday, 09/10
  • Monday, 09/13

Information Items:

CLINIC                 (Holly & Elvia)
COUNSELING    (Alexa Morse & Anne Terwilliger)
  • This week the Team CLTs will be held on Wednesday at your scheduled time.
  • Content CLTs is on Thursday for both Math and ELA.

9:05 – 9:50 4th Grade

10:15 – 11:00 2nd Grade

11:05 – 11:50 3rd Grade

1:00 – 1:45 1st Grade

1:50 – 2:35 Kinder

2:50 – 3:35 5th Grade


ITC(Sean Jones)

When you are designing your canvas page, here is a link to Canvas Buttons that we used last year. Please make a copy and that will allow you to edit buttons to personalize your page.

Please let me know if you are interested in a canvas refresher course/ how to use canvas course. Just drop me an email if this is something you would like to do.

Let me know if there are any tech issues in your classroom or if you have any requests for technology.

Canvas Requirements

Creating Teams Links

LIBRARY (Karen Bentall)
  • Self check-out for teachers. Staff may write the title and barcode number of books on the clipboard at circulation desk. (Electronic self check-out for teachers coming soon.)
  • Brain Pop can be accessed via Clever.  The school log-in is being phased out.
  • No library passes this year (to help prevent cross-class exposure).
  • Students return library books to the black crates outside the classrooms.  Beth or I will pick up at least once daily.
  • Library this month will include read-aloud about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (as per APS social studies curriculum).  Also: library procedures, reading for pleasure, and ‘reading is our homework’.
MATH (Caryn Saunders)
MOSAIC              (Rachael Fine)
Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
Professional Learning Opportunities/Special Events


(Serrano K-3 & Coronado 4-5)

Edith Serrano-K-3 Reading Coach / Kathleen Coronado 4 & 5 Reading Coach

  • This week’s (K-3) Focus: Interactive Read Aloud
    • See CLT Agenda (CANVAS) for materials to bring.


  • DIBELSK-5-Testing window 9/22-10/7
    • All new teachers will need training to administer-Initial training link coming soon!
    • Teachers who had initial training must complete refresher.
    • Refresher training link;  https://dibels.amplify.com
  • PALS-
    • PK/K-October 11-November5
    • Grades 1-2-September 13-October 8
  • Virginia Growth Assessment
    • Grades 3-5-September 8-September 29
    • Specific Content Dates TBA




SCIENCE            (Rachael Fine)
SOCIAL STUDIES  (Kristen Wolla)

Hello Everyone!

At the social studies lead teacher meeting on August 25th, the department shared that grade levels K-5 will be doing multiple PBAs (performance based assessments) this school year. The department is still developing the PBAs for teachers along with memos and other documents to be used for them. I will share information and resources as soon as they are ready. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at Kristen.Wolla@apsva.us.

Below is a link to a copy of the Google Slides the department showed during the social studies rotations on the morning of August 25th.


SPECIALIST       (Clayton Sterner)
SPED                     (Jen Crain) IEP At A Glances by Grade Level Dear Teachers, Specialists, Resource, and Support Staff (Assistants),  If you are receiving this email it is because you work with a student(s) that has an IEP. By law, you are required to ensure that all services and accommodations are carried out as written in their IEP.   The link below will direct you to all the IEP at Glances for all students at Oakridge that have an IEP.   The folder is organized by Grade Level.   Please follow the below steps to complete your Digital Verification Signature on each student that you may have contact with during the school day.   Your digital signature will act as proof that you have reviewed and have access to their IEP at a Glance. 

  1. Go to the Grade level Folder you service
  2. Click on the Gen Ed Teacher folder that the student is in
  3. Look for the students’ names for which you support
  4. Read and Review the IEP at a Glance
  5. Scroll to the last page of their IEP at a Glance and sign your name, position and date to the Verification Page. 
  6. Repeat the process for each Grade Level/Teacher you support
  7. Please reach out to the case carrier if you have a particular question about a student

 IEP At A Glances by Grade Level Please let Jen Crain know if you have any questions.

TESTING            (Cathy Gaudian)
  • No Volunteers at Oakridge this School year 2021-22
WELLNESS & HEALTH               (Sean Jones)