Oakridge Connect 05/03/2022

Oakridge Connect 05/03/2022

Oakridge Connect




  • IS has reported that there has been a spike on the last two Thursdays at the elementary level, which is causing the network to be stressed. They can not pinpoint which school or schools this is coming from. This along with the connection of a personal device is what is impacting our network for the past two weeks. IS does not want any personal phones on the APS network.
  • Does anyone want to lead YES Club? contact Trudy if you need more information
  • Teachers, Please make sure that you review school expectations with students after they come back from spring break.  Discipline/Expectations

  • https://www.thisamericanlife.org/764/schools-out-forever
  • Oakridge Staff, Please make sure that you are following the corresponding number from the duty roster with the recess map.  We have been seeing an increase of injuries and unkind interactions between students in the playground.  Please let Erika know if you have any questions about this



Kindness Updates! This week starts a new unit focusing on showing kindness through caring. This week’s lessons hone in on self-care.





Compliment Corner & “O” Wow!

  1. Shout out to Kathleen for being acknowledged as the Mastery Connect ELA Assessment GURU!!!
  2. Shout out to Oakridge for being in the TOP FIVE Learning Ally implementors in APS! 20 or more teachers and students engaging with this intervention! Way to go 😊

ACT: Please share compliments that you would like to give to staff members or teams!





Jonas, Andrew 5/4

Doherty, Joseph 5/8

Guiffre, Lauren  5/14

Cano, Cecilia 5/15

Stallings, Kristina 5/19

Dorsey, Louis 5/26

Parker, Wes 5/28

Lazarte, Johnny   5/30


*Please email  L. Tapia  to be added to the Birthday list 🙂 *


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Information Items:

CLINIC                 (Holly & Elvia) ACT: Please check the daily exclusion list!
ELA (Serrano K-3 & Coronado 4-5)



ILT/Equity (Adrion Walker)
ITC(Sean Jones)

INFO: If you would like for me to come into your class for a tech lesson this month, email me with your preferred day and 30 min slot.  I will add it to my calendar or suggest an alternate time. This time can also be used if you would like a tech refresher for yourself or to plan something out.

You can also use this link to book a 15 minute working session or 2 back to back 15 minute sessions for lessons in the classroom.

Standard Based Report Cards Canvas How to Course: https://apsva.instructure.com/enroll/PG7XJ3

Let me know if there are any tech issues in your classroom or if you have any requests for technology.


ACT: Each month, have students check if there is a software update for their iPad.  All iPads should be operating on ios 15 or above.

LIBRARY (Karen Bentall) In the United States, May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. In the library this month students will use print resources (almanacs, atlases, encyclopedias, nonfiction and picture books) to highlight the stories and cultures of the 24.5 million US residents of AAPI heritage.
MATH (Caryn Saunders) Kindergarten VKRP Spring Administration:

  1. The VKRP assessment window is from April 19th – May 20th.
  2. The following resources have information for teachers and actions that need to be completed prior to administering the assessment.
  3. The EMAS has updated items for this spring, and teachers should review and practice administering the assessment.

5th Grade

Gr5 Q3 Math Assessment: The Gr5 Q3 Math assessment window is from April 4th – April 29th.  The assessment will automatically be pushed out through Mastery Connect.  Please make sure that your Gr 5 teachers have their tracker downloaded and know how to administer the assessment.   Oakridge 5th Grade will take the assessment the week of April 25th.

Math Inventory

2nd- 5th grade students will take the final Math Inventory May 4th – May 11th .  Each grade level please decide which date and time you will take the assessment.

Math Interventions

Please continue to facilitate 2-3 small group lessons for your students with math interventions.

SOL Practice & Resources (3rd-5th)

VDOE Performance Analysis Presentations Click on the appropriate grade level in the first table  labeled Mathematics to access the slides.  These slides give practice and examples of commonly missed assessment items.

TestNav Virginia You do not need to log in.  Click the Virginia Practice Items link below the sign-in tab.

VDOE SOL Test Blueprints Click the links for grade level blueprints in the far-right column of Standards of Learning Documents for Mathematics – Adopted 2016.

MOSAIC              (Rachael Fine)

In Lesson 10 students will begin to explore the concept of prejudice. Prejudice is one of the most important concepts to understand in anti-bias education and serves as the foundation for learning about different forms prejudice and discrimination can take. In K-2, students will define prejudice and distinguish prejudice from dislike. In 3-5, students will define and understand prejudice, reflect on their own experiences with prejudice, identify different forms and manifestations of prejudice, and analyze scenarios of prejudice.

In Lesson 11 students continue to learn about prejudice and connect it to discrimination. In K-2, students will learn the difference between unfair and discrimination. In 3-5, students will define discrimination and explore different ways it takes place in our society.

In Lesson 12 students will discuss inequality. In K-2, students will review the concepts of prejudice and discrimination, consider what inequality is, and reflect on what can be done about inequality in our society. In 3-5, students will define equality and inequality, explore one example of inequality in past and present (ableism) and imagine what disabled people experienced before there were laws enacted to protect their rights.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

New Spiritwear merch!

Join the PTA!

Purple Up Week is coming! April 4-8 is Purple Up week! We will be doing a Spirit week, have military parent volunteers, and end the week with a Fun Run! More information coming soon. Woohoo!

Professional Learning Opportunities/Special Events
SCIENCE            (Rachael Fine)

NEW! High school, middle school, and elementary school teachers in Arlington County Public Schools with at least two years of classroom teaching experience in APS by June 30, 2022, who intend to stay with APS for at least two years beyond the fellowship, are eligible for the STEM Workforce Development Teacher Fellowship. Prior Arlington Community Foundation STEM Fellows are eligible to reapply five years after their initial award. Arlington Community Foundation’s STEM Fellowship provides Arlington Public Schools teachers with opportunities to learn about workplace needs in STEM-related fields and for them to use the experience to enhance student learning to match workplace expectations in a selected industry. STEM Fellows participate in a three-week summer fellowship, receiving up to a $4,000 stipend upon completion. Several of our science colleagues have participated in this program in the past. https://form.jotform.com/arlingtoncf/2022-stem-fellowship-application

I’ve heard colleagues talk about STEMscopes and Legends of Learning.  How can I learn more?  (and maybe knock out some ‘floating hours’)  We are re-offering the asynchronous training on both platforms!  Sign up in Frontline and complete anytime before June 4th.


I heard that the prior VDOE Science Teacher webinar on Supporting Student Science Talk was great!  Where can I find those resources and how do I sign up for the next one? 

The Science Teacher Webinar from the VDOE Science Team is offered once a month. Please register in advance for each session.

  •  Wednesday, April 20, 2022, 4:00-5:00PM, “Summer Professional Development offered by the VDOE Science Team.”


I am looking for more support and inspiration for integrating Engineering activities into my instruction.  What do you recommend? 

NEW! Engineering in Vision is a videoconferencing series that connects 4th-12th grade classrooms with VCU Engineers in their labs. This allows students to experience many aspects of engineering over multiple sessions – developing a broad understanding of opportunities that exist. These are during the day, and dates included range from February through April.

Engineering for Families has a series of free at-home activities for elementary school students. The activities are designed to develop skills like critical thinking, communication, creativity, and persistence. They are available in English and Spanish.Free PD and STEM Kits from the NSWC– register by March 1st!

SOCIAL STUDIES  (Kristen Wolla)

Helpful Social Studies links below!

Grades K-12 PBA Information At-a-Glance document includes all memos, assessments, rubrics, scoring, calibrating, and student sample information.

Social Studies Performance Based Assessment Memo 2021-2022 The memo says that grades K, 1, 2, 4, and 5 will do one PBA this year (although doing a second one is encouraged). Third grade will do three PBAs in the second, third, and fourth quarters of school. Fourth grade will still have the Virginia Studies SOL and do one PBA.

Using Performance Assessments in Social Studies

If you have questions or need anything, please reach out to me at Kristen.Wolla@apsva.us.

SPECIALIST       (Clayton Sterner) We will be having our first annual Military Child Appreciation Fun Run on Friday, April 8th (the day before Spring Break). The format and timing will be similar to the Turkey Trot. Please plan on your class being on the course some time between 1:45 and 3:15. We will be calling grade levels in descending order starting with 5th grade. We expect this event to last slightly longer than the Turkey Trot. If you or a family member have served or currently serve in the military and would like to volunteer, please reach out to the P.E. team directly! More details to come as we get closer!
SPED                     (Jen Crain)
  • Last day to refer a student for an SST (Student Support) is March 17th.
TESTING            (Cathy Gaudian)
VOLUNTEER (Lissa Tapia)
WELLNESS & HEALTH               (Sean Jones/Rachael Fine)