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Duty Roster 2019-2020.  If the day/time doesn’t work with your schedule, please switch with another staff member and send Erika an email with your changes.

Oakridge Norms 2019

Dismissal Procedures

We placed dismissal forms in each classroom teacher’s mailbox.  If you didn’t get one, please see Lissa in the main office. This form needs to be completed on Tuesday, September 3rd by 2:00 pm. We need all available staff to support next week for arrival and dismissal.

  • At the end of the day, students will be dismissed as “bus riders,” “walkers,” or “car riders.”  Students participating in Extended Day will be picked-up by Extended Day staff at dismissal.
  • Bus riders will be dismissed to the buses by bus number/color.
  • Walkers
Grade Walking Dismissal Plan
K Dismissed from exterior classroom door to designated adult
1 Dismissed from exterior classroom door to designated adult
2 Dismissed from exterior building door 5
3/4/5 Dismissed to walk home

School staff will be placing bus color bands to the students’ backpacks as they get off the bus the first week of school.  Classroom teachers of younger students are expected to place a second band (confetti band) that identifies the students as being 1st grade or younger.  This will help bus drivers identify those students who should be escorted by an adult at the bus stop. If you need more confetti bands please let Lissa in the main office know.  Also, please know that students who come to your classroom in the morning with a bus tag doesn’t necessarily mean that they will go home by bus.  If you have questions about a student’s dismissal plan please call the parents.


Fire Drill Protocol

  • Per state mandated safety procedures, we will have a fire drill once a week for the first 20 day of school. Please refer to the fire safety plan in your classrooms and practice with your students how to properly evacuate the building.  If you don’t have a red/green clipboard with a fire evacuation plan, please let Trudy Walker know.

Lockdown Drill Protocol

  • Per state mandated safety procedures, we will have two lockdown drills in the month of September. Please be sure to practice lockdown drill procedures with your students.

Please Review the School Lock Down Procedures

  • Bring students in hallway into classroom
  • Lock doors and cover windows
  • Deploy red/green clipboard
  • Close classroom blinds
  • Stay out of view
  • Turn off lights and electronic devices
  • Keeps students calm and quiet
  • Disregard Fire Alarm
  • Disregard PA announcements to evacuate or unlock doors
  • Open your door to uniformed police only


School Policy Updates

  • Please leave all ceiling lights on in your classrooms when students are in building, between 8:30am and 4:00pm.  Please do not have any aromatherapy, candles, room scents in your classrooms.
  • Click here to access school norms from our staff meeting at the beginning of the year: Oakridge Norms 2019


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Wright, Lynne  8/30

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  • Monday, 9/02


  • Tuesday, 9/03  First Day of School!!!!


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  • Friday, 9/06  

Information Items:

Reading (Katie Donnelly)
Books & Bytes (Dawn Amin-Arsala)





ESOL/HILT (Cathy Gaudian/Samantha Doland)
Gifted Services (Greg Chapuis)




ILT (Annie Young)

If you haven’t done so already, please let me know who your team’s lead teacher is.

Here is the self-enroll link for the Student Support Canvas Course. This has all of the information that was shared at CLTs.  https://apsva.instructure.com/enroll/KM3JF3

Math (Corrine Magee)

MOSAIC (Dawn Amin-Arsala)







Parent Teacher Organization

Professional Development (CLASS)



School Wide Expectations (Enis Al-Majeed)
Science (Sean Jones)
Social Studies (Kristen Wolla)
Specialists  (Sean Jones)
SPED (Jennifer Crain)
Tech (Kyle Taylor)

Spread Sheet of Parent responses from Back to School day survey.









Testing (Cathy Gaudian)

Volunteer/Partners (Dawn Amin-Arsala, Denisse Ruiz)  

Wellness and Health
Professional Learning Opportunities/ Special Events (Burgin)