Oakridge is reversing the drop-off and pick-up locations

Oakridge is reversing the drop-of and pick-up locations.

  1. Buses will unload students at the main door of the building (1414 24th Street South); no additional screening
  2. All car riders will go down the ramp and loop through the back parking lot.  Oakridge staff will screen car riders while they are in the car – parents/guardians will need to stay until the screening is complete.  When the student passes the screening, they go inside. Cars leaving will must turn left out of the ramp if there are buses in front of the school. (Please remember, cars are ticketed when they pass a bus while it is unloading).
  3. All walkers and cyclists will use the side door and enter through the gym.  Parents/guardians who park in the neighborhood and walk students to school, must stay with the student.
    1. Students cannot enter the building if they do not pass the screening.
  4. Families with last names that start with letters A-E will arrive at school at 8:25.  Families with last names that start with letters F-M will arrive at school at 8:30.
  5. Parents/guardians cannot congregate in front of the school.  No parents/guardians will be allowed in the building.  The parent/guardian must leave the premises once the student passes the screening.