Oakridge Return to School

Dear Oakridge families, As we prepare to welcome students next week, we want to make sure you send your children to school on the correct days. According to the return timeline on the APS website the start date for our students is as follows:

Prek, VPI, Montessori and 1st grade start date is Tuesday, March 2. (every Tuesday/Wednesday)

Kindergarten and 2nd  grade start day is Thursday, March 4 (every Thursday/Friday)

3rd and 5th grade start date is Tuesday, March 9 (every Tuesday/Wednesday)

4th grade start date is Thursday, March 11 (every Thursday/Friday)

Mondays are for asynchronous learning (independent) and the other 2 days that your child does not come to school they will receive synchronous learning (virtual).

Looking forward to seeing your children soon!