USS Arlington docks @ Oakridge Elementary School

11 crew members of the USS Arlington docked at Oakridge Elementary School for a day of water-inspired STEM experiments. Using the Design Process, students and sailors tried to solve a variety of problems. Together small teams built water xylophones (sound vibrations), figured out how to make and egg float (density), create Skittle Art (stratification), and experimented with how to immerse paper in water without getting it wet (pressure.) The crew enjoyed eating cafeteria food with Oakridge’s Best Buddies group. We are hoping to collaborate again together with the USS Arlington crew for the upcoming Month of the Military Child in April.


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Facts: The USS ARLINGTON is the eighth SAN ANTONIO – class amphibious transport dock and the third ship in the Navy named after Arlington, Va. The ship is named in commemoration of the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, and therefore, steel taken from the Pentagon will be displayed on board the USS ARLINGTON.