Week of 1/8/18-1/12/18


This week was very busy! Students learned new prefixes that will help them with STEM: kilo and milli. Every literature circle group had their second discussion- students had very interesting and thoughtful questions for their peers! Students also continued their work in social studies (learning about ancient Greece), and explored texts that use the compare/contrast structure. Students worked in pairs to read an article comparing democracy and republic systems of government, then created Venn diagrams to look at the differences and similarities. This tied into learning about the birth of democracy in ancient Greece. Students also picked their topics for their final opinion essay and began researching/taking notes on their topics and creating outlines for their 5-paragraph essays. We can’t wait to share students’ final writing before the end of the quarter, which is fast-approaching! Have a wonderful long weekend!


During this short week, we have continued exploring sound looking specifically at sound waves. This focused on looking at frequency, pitch, and volume. We also explored the different parts of a wave, focusing on compression and rarefaction. In math we finished geometry, ending with transformations of shapes and reviewing. We will be moving into measurement, beginning with area, perimeter, and volume next week. Students also spent time working on their final products for their presentation of learning. We will continue to work on these next week. Students have also started making flash cards for all the geometry terms learned this quarter. These are a great way to study these terms for the final exam as well as next quarter when they move to decimals.


Casalengo- Humanities

This week in Mrs. Casalengo’s class we continued with our Literature Circle responses. Some students have finished their novels for the quarter. Have you asked your child what they have been reading? Continuing with our figurative language unit, we learned more idioms and read a book about similes. We started a unit on Ancient Egypt and will go through it quickly as the end of the quarter is just around the corner! Have a wonderful three-day weekend!

Walker- STEM

Happy New Year and Happy Friday Again! This week in Everything Fractions and Earth Science Unit (The crust and below) we continued to learn about weathering, erosion, and deposition. We also began studying the rock cycle and the three main types of rocks (metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary). In math we continued to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators. Students learned to a cross multiply method or finding the least common denominator (LCD). In addition, we focused on simplifying fractions using the greatest common factor (GCF) and Prime and Composite numbers. Students are continuing to complete their video projects on our Earth Science Unit. Our final project is due January 26, 2018. Students will be creating a fun and engaging science video (like Bill Nye the Science Guy) as their final project. The projects will be available for parents see at the end of the quarter. Look out for an invitation to our Presentation of Learning Exhibit. Please email me at adrion.walker@apsva.us if you would like to set up a meeting or have a question. I look forward to hearing from you.


Sanguino- Humanities

This week in humanities, students were hard at work despite the early closing, late start, and half day Wednesday! In reading, students used text features to help aid in their comprehension of nonfiction text. They also applied their understanding of the main idea in order to create their own titles, subheadings, and captions for nonfiction articles. In writing, students worked on completing their rough drafts of their research reports. In social studies, students read about the Paleolithic Age and Neolithic Age and compared and contrasted how people of those time periods went from hunters and gathers to farmers with a stable food supply. Last week, students were fortunate enough to have Ms. Ribetti as a guest speaker. She educated the students about the indigenous groups of people who live in the Amazon Rainforest. I’ve attached a photo of her with the students to share! Happy weekend!

Speaker 1

Gallion- STEM

Happy New Year! We made it through our weird week of delays and early releases 🙂 We’ve been wrapping up our decimal unit with dividing with decimals. Students are no longer using remainders—they now divide out until they find the whole quotient or until the thousandths place (to prove it is a repeating decimal). Students have continued to practice decimal multiplication by checking their division answers—-multiplying the quotient by the divisor. In science, students are rocking the rainforest! We are in full create mode and they are constructing their 3D models and creating our ecosystem! We are excited to announce our presentation of learning dates for the end of this quarter! Friends and family will be invited to visit the rainforest on Wednesday 1/24 from 2:00pm-3:30pm and Thursday 1/25 from 2:00pm-3:30pm. If you prefer to come after school, your child can walk you through their projects on Wednesday 1/24 from 4pm-5pm. We look forward to your visits!!! Please check out the students Friday folder to see work samples from class! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Rainforest 1 Rainforest 2 Rainforest 3