Oakridge follows the APS curriculum and teaches the Virginia Standards of Learning. To learn more about our scope and sequence and instructional standards, please visit the APS Program of Studies and the curriculum pages.

Classroom Assignments, Grades PreK-5

In order to meet students’ needs, students are grouped heterogeneously in classrooms to balance student experiences with classmates of varied gender, ethnicity and academic skills.

Special Education Integration Model

Oakridge School, as part of Arlington Public Schools, offers a full array of special education services to students with identified disabilities. We also provide assessment and diagnosis of educational disabilities through a referral process that complies with all Federal requirements for special education identification and services.  Please visit the APS department site for more information.

Gifted Program

Students in grades K-5 can be identified as ‘potentially gifted’ through the GT identification process of Arlington Public Schools. Identified students are clustered in classes to ensure placement with at least 3 other identified gifted students. Our gifted resource teacher works with the classroom teacher to ensure classroom experiences that are differentiated and rigorous. The gifted resource teacher also conducts small group enrichment and challenging activities on a regular pull-out basis.


Students who are second language speakers are assigned to grade level classrooms. Classroom teachers are knowledgeable about strategies that support English language learners. Students are mainstreamed for the majority of the day, assisted by the ESOL/HILT teachers in the classroom (push-in model) or pulled out for 30 minutes to one hour small group sessions, depending on English proficiency.  Please see the APS district page for more information.

FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary School)

Bienvenidos a FLES!
FLES stands for Foreign Language in the Elementary School.  FLES Language skills are developed systematically, beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through 5th grade.  Our goals are to develop functional proficiency in Spanish, build an understanding and appreciation for other cultures, and strengthen the language competency of Spanish speaking students (native or heritage speakers).

Language Arts and Math Coaches

Our coaches work collaboratively with teachers and administrators to coordinate an excellent program.  For more information see the department websites and programs of study.

Counseling Program

The school counselors meet with individual and groups of students, families, and faculty to intervene in conflicts, issues and concerns. The counselor also conducts classroom sessions on social skills, bullying, healthy lifestyles and conflict resolution.

MOSAIC Experience

The Oakridge Mosaic Experience capitalizes on the international and multicultural nature of our school. In our international neighborhood school, teachers and students learn about many cultures, countries, languages and geographic concepts through the integration of these topics with the Arlington Public Schools curriculum. Students and families from more than fifty countries are represented here, and every child brings rich experiences, culture and language to Oakridge. The Mosaic Project ensures that the multicultural richness of our community is shared and developed for every child and family. Mosaic Project experiences are designed to increase our students’ mastery of reading at each grade level. Units of instruction and activities are integrated and interdisciplinary.

Project Y.E.S. (Youth Experiencing Success)

Project Y.E.S. offers fourth and fifth grade students extra academic support after school from teacher mentors, organizes school civic projects, and promotes parental involvement. Students are encouraged to maintain good attendance and develop and maintain interest in school activities.

After School Volunteer Tutoring Program

Over 20 volunteer tutors, mostly senior citizens from the Oakridge community, assist students in grades 3-5 in reading and math skills development to prepare for the Standards of Learning (SOLs). They provide students with one-on-one tutoring twice a week after school for an hour.


The Technology Committee has developed a 4-year plan that is used in the purchases for and planning of technology integration. There is a full-time Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC) who models technology integration with classes, provides regularly scheduled workshops for staff, serves as chair of the Tech Committee, supports the maintenance of the technology equipment and software, and performs other tech related tasks.