F.L.E.S. stands for Foreign Language in the Elementary School.  FLES Language skills are developed systematically, beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through 5th grade.  Our goals are to develop functional proficiency with speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish, build an understanding and appreciation for other cultures, and strengthen the language competency of Spanish speaking students (native or heritage speakers).

Cross-Curricular Connections

The FLES curriculum in Arlington provides opportunities for making connections between Spanish and other subjects, namely math and science. For example, students in Second Grade practice math skills by counting by 2’s and by 10’s or by making a bar graph of the students’ favorite colors. This allows the students to learn specific vocabulary (colors, in this case) in an authentic context (talking about what they like) while at the same time practicing an important math skill (making and reading bar graphs). In conjunction with the Science Office, curriculum was developed for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade that integrates specific science goals for each year group, aligned with Virginia Standards of Learning, with related content in Spanish.

F.L.E.S. teachers:


Jessica Poveda Reyes – Email –  jessica.povedareyes2@apsva.us

Blanca Rodriguez Becerra – Email – blanca.rodriguez@apsva.us

FLES Introduction to the PTA

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