Oakridge Exemplary Project

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Making Music 11/30

Create an instrument that can make different notes.  Students will choose between making a stringed, brass/woodwind, or percussion instrument.  After creating the instrument, they will record a short demonstration of it making the different notes.  If they feel comfortable, they can try to play a basic song.

S: Exploring characteristics of sound, pitch and frequency


R: Ada’s Violin

E: creating a structure with limited resources, making something capable of multiple sounds

A: music connection

M: Counting, rhythm, scales, intervals, patterns

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mosaic is defined as a combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole. Oakridge’s exemplary project(Mosaic) is all about how each unique individual in our school has the ability to make a greater impact by working with others. Our students, families, and staff have social capital that can be used to enrich our learning. Mosaic will work to improve the school, the community, the region, the state, the nation, and the world through meaningful student and staff co-led projects. The projects will start small on the school level and progress to what we can do in our macrocosm.  Students will learn about the engineering process as well as growth mindset, understanding that no matter how great something is, anything and everything can be improved.  There will be a large focus on the 4 c’s, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication. Combined, the four C’s empower students to become one-person think tanks. Then, when those students get together, they can achieve almost anything!


Meet Oakridge’s new exemplary project coordinator – Sean.Jones@apsva.us