Oakridge Exemplary Project

mosaic globe


mo●sa●ic | mō’zāik | noun: a combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole

Oakridge’s Exemplary Program, MOSAIC, is designed to celebrate the many cultures that form the beautiful mosaic created by our school and community! By implementing lessons and activities inspired by the Anti-Defamation League’s No Place for Hate program and anti-bias curriculum, MOSAIC allows students to learn about themselves and others, cultivate a community that celebrates differences, understand bias and discrimination, and make a commitment to confronting and challenging bias and bullying. MOSAIC lessons incorporate the Anti-Defamation League’s anti-bias resources within grade level content and discussions to form one powerful message that all students have a place to belong.



What is No Place for Hate®?

The No Place for Hate® Program is an organizing framework for K-12 schools committed to creating sustainable change that leads to improved school climate developed by the Education Department of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).


What is Anti-Bias Education?

Anti-bias education is a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning designed to increase the understanding of differences and their value to a respectful and civil society and to actively challenge bias, stereotyping and all forms of discrimination and inequity in schools and communities. Anti-bias education incorporates inclusive curriculum content that reflects diverse experiences and perspectives; instructional methods that advance all students’ learning and strategies to establish and sustain safe, inclusive, respectful and equitable learning communities. Ultimately, anti-bias education engages students in the exploration of social problems and empowers them to take active steps to create a more just and peaceful world, where all groups share equal access to opportunity and every person can flourish. (from Anti-Bias Building Blocks)


How can I participate at home?

  • Check out ADL’s Books Matter List! Reading books is a great opening to talk about identity, diversity, bias, and social justice ADL’s collection includes excellent picture, chapter, and young adult books. Featured Books of the Month come with discussion guides for families.
  • Check out Oakridge’s list of Anti-Racist Teaching Resources to continue your own education!


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