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Educator Run: Final Week of January, students should dress up as their favorite educator while they participate in the virtual run.  It can be a teacher that they have had from school, their home life, from books, or from tv/online. From Ms. Frizzle to Bill Nye, or Einstein to Madame Curie, let’s run for the sake of education.


Past Events:

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Thank you for all that donated and those that ran and submitted pictures.  Here are the submissions we received this time around:

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Feel free to tweet @oakridgeracing with pictures from your virtual run!

Alternatively, email Sean.jones@apsva.us who will post virtual run highlights monthly.

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Tentative Schedule

  • January-: January 24th is also the international day of education. Kids could dress as a meaningful educator they have had.
  • February:
  • March: Spring In Your Step Run/ Flower Run, wear green or floral apparel to celebrate all the greenery of that time of year.
  • April: Earth Day Run, Earthy colors, maybe trash pick-up element.
  • May: The  20th is World Bee Day, we could have a run where kids dress in black and yellow, or with wings to celebrate the pollinators of the world.  I can also provide seeds or seed paper for native wildflowers that students can plant at the end of their run.