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Pandemic Problem solving 1/25/21

This week’s project is as real world as it gets.  When students return to school, all current models will have them spaced out 6 feet in the classroom, and 10 feet when they are doing activities like PE and recess.  Students will not be able to move as freely in the classroom as in the past, so students will need to be able to have a wheelhouse of activities that they can do when feeling restless in their chair.  Students this week are tasked with creating an easy way to visualize and remember what 6 and 10 feet look like that can be shared with other students, to come up with activities to do from a chair when restless, and to come up with ideas and games that can be done during recess with 10 feet of separation.

S: Corona virus and CDC recommendations

T: Video recording

R: What to do with a Problem



M: Measurement


In order to better meet the needs of the Whole Child, each week Oakridge will be presenting a non-routine STEM problem to be done independently or in small groups.  There will be a reading selection tied to the weekly project and students will not only focus on solving the problem, but will also have writing opportunities associated with the solution.

Our aim is to teach students that there are multiple solutions to problems that are encountered in life. These solutions will rely on their developing critical thinking skills as well as their creativity.  The added components of communication and collaboration would also present themselves if students end up doing their project in a small group.  These projects are designed to allow students to learn from their successes and failures as well as from each other.  There will be built in time in class to debrief as well as give students the opportunity to build communication skills when sharing their experiences.  Finally, students will understand that all things in the world can be improved as each project will end with a self reflection that examines improvements that can be made to their own project. Progress, not perfection.