General/Vocal Music at Oakridge

Vocal and Instrumental concert program:

Oakridge 2018 Spring Concert Program

Mission Statement

Music Education in the Arlington Public Schools provides students with instruction in all aspects of music:
Singing, Playing, Moving, Reading, Listening, Analyzing, Creating, and Performing.

Music educators enhance instruction through various uses of technology and active involvement in their own professional growth, which includes the pursuit of improved pedagogical methods. Arlington Public Schools strives to educate all students to the highest level of musical skill and knowledge commensurate with their talents and abilities.

Music Standards of Learning Goal

The goal of Music Education is to empower students to experience music as a source of personal enrichment, as a vehicle for the constructive expression of human emotions, and as a unique intellectual discipline. This goal will be attained through a structured, sequential program of study. Students will develop an intellectual understanding of music through experiences in singing, moving, listening, and playing instruments. They will learn to read and notate music, and to create compositions that transcribe their thoughts and emotions into concrete, musical forms of human expression. Students will exercise their critical thinking skills by investigating and analyzing all facets of the music discipline, employing both traditional modes of instruction and the latest technological advancements. Through active involvement in music throughout the public school years, the students of Virginia will build a foundation for a lifetime of participation in and enjoyment of music.

Contact Information

Mrs. Amanda Thiel (General Music/Chorus)

Mr. Zachary Martini (General Music)

Mr. James Pratte (Instrumental Music)