Parent and Teacher Resources

For Parents:

Summer Opportunities for Gifted Learners at William and Mary

Presentation from Gifted Services Night at Oakridge on 10/07/14
Gifted Services at Oakridge

Presentation from Gifted Identification Night at Oakridge on 2/2/16
The Gifted Identification Process

Information on Giftedness at the Parent Resource Center (PRC)

Parenting Gifted Students

Definitions Related to Gifted Students and Differentiation

Information on Gifted Underachievers
Gifted Underachievers Fact Sheet

For Teachers:

The Gifted Identification Process – Initial PLC Discussion ( Feb. 2016)
Identification Powerpoint

4th and 5th Grade Literacy Unit on Perspective
Perspective Unit

Elementary Online Resources and Lessons

Gifted Literature Units