Personalized Learning

Oakridge is excited to be part of the APS Digital Learning Initiative.  Our focus this year is in the second grade.  We started in depth training of staff members over the summer, students will receive training on how to access content provided by the teacher that underpins class work they are already engaged in.  Just like all of our instructional technology, these devices will become tools to further lessons already being taught in the classroom.  We are centering our pilot on math fact fluency but the devices will be accessible for instruction across the curriculum, at the teacher’s discretion.  Oakridge students will start to use iPads in class beginning in 2nd grade.  They will eventually be sent home for the purpose of extending instruction.  Families will not be held personally liable for the device.

We invite you to read about why we care about Digital Learning in our Executive Summary and our journey in the Digital Learning Paper.  Please read more about the district wide initiative by visiting the district Digital Learning Page.

In 2011 the APS School Board set the technical direction for the division by establishing a strategic plan objective of providing every student with a personalized device by 2017. We have taken a phased, methodical approach to accomplishing this goal. We have upgraded the network infrastructure, moved the devices from computer labs to the classroom, provided professional development to teachers, and explored alternative devices.