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Activities for Each of the 12 Day’s of Coding:

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December 1:

December 2:

December 3:

December 4:

December 7:

December 8:

December 9:

December 10:

December 11:

December 14:

December 15:

December 16:

December 17:

December 18:

Mr Jones’s Activities from Canvas –

Students were sent these via Canvas but are also accessable here. Code.org, Tynker, and many more have teamed up and created free coding projects through hourofcode.com.  These are aimed to encourage students to learn to code/computer program as there are more jobs in that field and smaller populations of people with the skills to fill those jobs.

Below, you can find a direct link to all the free activities available.  If you are using an ipad, make sure to filter by checking the box on the left, as not all apps will work on the ipad, recommendations for the different grade are attached.


Kindergarten 1st Grade Recommendations Code monkey jr      –    Kodable

2nd-3rd Grade Recommendations Candy Quest         –  Dance Party

4th-5th Grade Recommendations Flappy Bird Game      –    Star Wars