The Coordinator

The Technology program at Oakridge is facilitated by Mr. Sean Jones, Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC).  Mr. Jones supports, assists, plans and provides technology training for all Oakridge staff.  He also plans and collaborates with staff on technology projects and lessons in the classroom.

This is Mr. Jones’s 8th year at Oakridge. He is passionate about teamwork, collaboration, and the important role that technology plays in exciting learners to be creative and show what they know. This year, Mr. Jones is determined to be purposeful in ensuring that our technology provides an opportunity for Engagement, Enhancement, and Extension.

Instructional Technology Resources

Oakridge provides and maintains a wide ranging number of instructional technology devices which are used to both facilitate and enhance student learning.  The use of instructional technology incorporates a variety of necessary tools in our school environment.  Our students have supervised access to iPads in their classroom.  Over the last couple of years, in accordance with the district technology plan, Oakridge has seen our technology infrastructure vastly upgraded to allow access for increased devices.  Having state of the art equipment, utilizing applications to their fullest extent and providing constant training will continue to improve integration.